Approach Shanxi, and you will understand it. Embrace Shanxi, and you may find the roots of Chinese nation. Keep Shanxi in your memory, and you will be spellbound by its...
Village doctor on a motorcycle
Located in central Shanxi province, the Ancient City of Pingyao, or Pingyao county is a famous culture town with 2,700 years of history.
11 22,2017
Yongji, a county-level city in Yuncheng, Shanxi province, has recently been recognized as a national garden city, according to a list by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. Yongji is the first national garden city in Yuncheng c
09 19,2017
An aerial view of the salt lake in Yuncheng city, North China's Shanxi province, Sept 15, 2017. As the temperatures drop in autumn, different colors start to appear on the surface of the lake, making it a spectacular scene as a double-flavo
09 07,2017
Photo taken on August 31, 2017 shows a view of the Wulao Peak in Yongji city, North China's Shanxi province.
10 23,2017
Visitors climb Juewei Mountain to view red autumn leaves in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, on Oct 21. Nearly 3,000 tourists visited the mountain throughout the day.
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