Approach Shanxi, and you will understand it. Embrace Shanxi, and you may find the roots of Chinese nation. Keep Shanxi in your memory, and you will be spellbound by its...
In an effort to promote mutual understanding between the people of Idaho and Shanxi Province, Governor John Evans of Idaho and Vice Governor Bai Qingcai of Shanxi signed the Sister State agreement in 1985.
08 09,2011
Located in the middle of Qiaojiabao village in Shanxi province, Qiao Jia Dayuan, also known as Zaizhongtang, was the mansion of the famous merchant family Qiao in the late Qing dynasty.
05 13,2011
Mianshan names mianshang and Jie Mountain as well, which is cross Jiexiu , Lingshiand Qinyuan three cities. Mianshan lies on Fen river and 20 kilometers away from Jiexiu town center.
05 12,2011
Chinese calligraphy is an Oriental art. But what makes it an art? It is very much like painting. It uses Chinese characters to communicate the spiritual world of the artist.
05 09,2011
Located at Hunyuan County, and firstly built 1,500 years ago, it is a key historical heritage under the state level protection.
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