Approach Shanxi, and you will understand it. Embrace Shanxi, and you may find the roots of Chinese nation. Keep Shanxi in your memory, and you will be spellbound by its...
In 2007, the regional GDP of Shanxi Province reached 560 billion yuan, and the total fiscal revenue amounted to 120 bill
Manufacturing/Shanxi has knocked into shape a sophisticated manufacturing sector complete with coal mining equipment, cr
Last Wednesday we went to the Military Museum. At the military Museum I climbed around on a real tank. after that I went on a anti-air gun then in a real air fighter!
On Wednesday we had a long drive to Datong, arriving in the early evening. Datong dates back nearly 2500 years, though these days is a modern city of over one million people. As in the rest of China, many of the old buildings
03 05,2011
It remains the objective,indeed an ideal and even a dream,for a city in today's world to create a harmonious atmosphere in which man and nature,men themselves,and spirit and body can coexist harmoniously;
03 05,2011
As one of the birthplaces of Chinese operas, Shanxi has produced many great playwrights for past generations. Opera stages are scattered in villages and towns, and opera relics are abundant in the province.
08 03,2011
Shanxi, cloaked by the mountains and girded by the rivers, is a place endowed with the fine spirits of the universe. Five-thousand-year history makes it the Chinese nation’s ancestral land and a cradle of the Chinese Nation.
08 24,2015
A new Shanxi, emerging from an ancient land, has been powering the country’s economy through its 10 billion coal supply. Guided by the transformation, safe and harmonious development strategy,


Magnificent Shanxi
This grand and forceful land,in northern China,is blessed and protected by them.The Taihang Mountain and the Lvliang Mountain,like father defend the land,the Yellow River and the Fen River like mother hug the land.Shanxi,a beloved child of the nature.Water,the source of life;earth,yielding varieties of products.The magnificent land of mountains and rivers see the cultural footprints of Chinese nation which has been trekking through depths of history,incessant and intact.
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